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Our products are highly energy efficient besides being reliable and durable.


LED Tube Lights manufacturers, LED tube suppliers of

T5 4ft 20W
T5 2ft 10W
T5 1ft 5W
T8 Retro 20W
T8 Integrated 4ft 20W
T8 Integrated 2ft 10W

Bhagwati Lighting Industries is specializes in the manufacturing of top quality LED tube lights product range at its production site in NCR. All our LED tubes are manufactured under strict supervision and quality control procedure to make sure that finished products are produced with true skill. Our T8 LED tube lights are easy to integrate, energy efficient and focused on bringing down the total cost of your lighting and electricity.
We, along with our strategic vendors, are committed to responding proactively to market demands, delivering quality products, personalized customer service and excellent technical support for the best interest of our distributors, customers and trading partners.
Our highly dedicated and efficient team works tirelessly to maintain the growing pace of our business and keep our customers satisfied. Our focal point will always be to provide our customers with an eco-friendly and affordable solutions so as to derive a 100% satisfaction.
We deliver our products   in all over India and aboard offers us a competitive advantages to provide comprehensive connectivity to our customers. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we put together all the best-in-class elements towards a successful and tailored solution for each individual customer. Let us be your strategic partner towards your success, contact us today.

  • We can manufacture & supply aprox 15000 tubes per day depending upon the conditions.
  • We are always available with huge stock of raw material . like

Housing for all LED based Street Light, Bay Lights and Down Lighters
LED Street Lights
LED Bay Lights
LED Ceiling Lights
LED Down Lights
LED Tube Lights
LED Bulbs
LED Focus/Stitching Machine Lights
LED Cove Lights
LED Back/Front Lighting..


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LED Lights provide satisfactory illumination and are dimmable. We produce LED bulb lights of different standards, shapes, sizes and colors, price as well.   

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Name LED Circuits LED PCB for 2W -85 W Categories LED Bulbs LED Panel Light LED Bulb LED Downlights , LED Tubes LED Tube Light, LED lighting Manufacturer Supplier Bhagwati Lighting Industries
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