Screws for LED Bulbs

Our products are highly energy efficient besides being reliable and durable.


Our stainless steel LED screws are high-grade mini-spots. With them you can summon up a starry sky, LED Lights, Tubes, Downlights, vehicle floor room lighting, emergency or stairway lighting and much more. The LED screws are prefabricated with a wire, 12V resistance and water spray protected insulation in a stainless steel shell.

• Best quality
• High performance
• Advance

We have heat sink compound in different sizes and packings.

Project Description

We have all types of Tools, Equipments, Devices, Machines required for LED and LED Tubes manufacturing. Wholesale - Led plastic housing led fixture led bulb housing Plastic coated aluminum enclosure kit bulb LED bulb LED plastic kits available with us

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Project Details
Name LED Circuits LED PCB for 2W -85 W Categories LED Circuits LED Drivers LED Bulb LED Downlights , LED Tubes Supplier Bhagwati Lighting Industries
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