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Our products are highly energy efficient besides being reliable and durable.


LED Curved Lights [ 5W ] manufacturers, LED bulb suppliers

  • Bhagwati Lighting Industries manufacture LED Curved Lights. We are A steady stream of brightness for our cars’ lighting need not be expensive and deep-pocketed; in fact, you have now a choice to minimize unnecessary cost that conventional lighting system has burdened us for a long time. You could now take advantage of the latest lighting technology of Led (light-emitting diode- a semi-conductor device that converts electricity to light) as there are now such lights that would replace your power-consuming conventional lighting system. And they come in shape that follows the contour of your favorite vehicle.

  • Curved led light bar is currently the craze when it comes to vehicle lighting system today. We have gathered a list of the 10 top curved led light bar in the market today. This list is in random order since the different types have different sizes. You can select what is best for your car, truck or any vehicle, so, hop in and do not guess anymore (the dimensions given are by length /width /thickness for all items, unless otherwise specified, though):

    We can manufacture & supply aprox 15000 tubes per day depending upon the conditions.
  • We are always available with huge stock of raw material . like

Housing for all LED based Street Light, Bay Lights and Down Lighters
LED Street Lights
LED Bay Lights
LED Ceiling Lights
LED Down Lights
LED Tube Lights
LED Bulbs
LED Focus/Stitching Machine Lights
LED Cove Lights
LED Solar Lights
LED Back/Front Lighting..


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LED Lights provide satisfactory illumination and are dimmable. We produce LED bulb lights of different standards, shapes, sizes and colors, price as well.   

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