Heat Sink Compound for LED Lights

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Available in packing of 50gm to 50 KG

Choosing an appropriate Heat Sink compound is very necessary. A good heat sink compound not only save energy but also gave more life to your LED Lights. As we all know, the life span of an LED depends on the semi-conductor material used as well as the current/heat relationship. The light output of the LED becomes weaker and weaker and once it reaches 50% of its initial value, the life expectancy of the LED has, by definition, been reached. A life span of a few hundred and up to 100,000 hours is possible, but only when avoiding high temperatures which drastically reduce the length of the LED’s life.
Choosing the Appropriate Heat Sink is very important.
Once the thermal criteria have been set up (the documents and guidelines from the LED manufacturer should always be taken into account), the thermal resistance has been calculated and the mounting situation has been considered along with the space/room that is available, then the appropriate heat sink can be chosen.
Special thought should be given to the orientation of the heat sink in the room. Comb shaped profiles should be installed so that the natural convective buoyancy is not hindered. It should be made sure that the most barrier free air supply and air discharge as possible is used with active cooling. The suppliers of heat sinks for LEDs show the thermal resistance in relation to the heat sink in their diagrams.

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We have heat sink compound in different sizes and packings.

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