AC Rechargeable Led Bulb

Our products are highly energy efficient besides being reliable and durable.


Manufacturer & Supplier of AC Rechargeable LED Bulb.  This bulb is very useful in the area where lights goes regularly or it can be used as a torch and it automatically charge when the power comes. One fully charged battery can run the bulb upto 3hrs. This is 100% safe and best alternate for emergency lights or lamp. Our clients can avail these products from us in various specifications at the most reasonable price range.

  • This is a marvelous product from Bhagwati LED Lights  this bulb can glow for upto 3 hours even if there is no input power supplied
  • It has an built in rechargeable lithium ion battery which stores the required power
  • Installation:
  • 1) Switch off Power
  •  2) Fix this bulb in regular B22 holder
  •  3) Switch On Power
  • 4) In case of power off from power station, bulb will get automatically On, bulb will Switch Off only by manual operation
  • 6) 100% Safe Rechargeable Bulb
  • Energy Saving High Light Long Life & High Power
  • Power Switch "AC" & "DC"
  • Automation Emergency Illumination Function
  • Red Color LED indicating charge status`

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LED Lights provide satisfactory illumination and are dimmable. We produce LED bulb lights of different standards, shapes, sizes and colors, price as well.   

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